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Spectacular failure, thy name is wifey

October 3, 2011

Have you ever been in a disagreement where you were proven to be right in a spectacular fashion? Our baby has had some issues sleeping over the last week and my wife decided that we needed to change his sleeping schedule as a way to fix his current problem. Without going into too many details my wife’s plan essentially involved forcing our baby to stay up a few extra hours and stuffing him full of milk (granted this is my take on her plan).  I argued that we should continue with the basic routine we had as we have been doing it his whole life (the last thirteen weeks). Well last night I reluctantly gave into my wife’s new plan (which she claims to have already seen some success with the previous night). How did it go last night? Well my baby acted as official arbiter to our disagreement and based on his assessment I would say things did not go so well. Our baby cried for more than an hour straight and my wife ended up covered in a mixture of vomit/spit up (seriously, there was a large puddle of regurgitated milk on her lap). He also soaked his PJs which had to be changed and did not sleep through the night as planned. We jointly agreed thereafter that going forward we would scrap the new idea and try a slightly modified version of our normal routine. This is only the second time in the six years we have known each other where I have been right about a disagreement (I cannot remember the other occasion but I am convinced there must be another occasion). My wife has been right at least a thousand times (we are like some bad TV sitcom where I play the bumbling husband).


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