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My baby boy’s favorite book does not impress me much

October 7, 2011

Above is a picture of my boy’s favorite book…if you could really call it a book. It is called “Love to Cuddle” and I will recite the entire book below (minus pictures):

Play in the sea.

Swing from a tree.

Splash in a puddle.

Share a cuddle.

This is the entire “book”. This is written by what can only be called the the Shakespeare of baby authors. Though, no author is actually identified so I am not certain if this work was by one author or it took a series of authors collaborating day and night to come up with the 16 words that make this book. I wonder if this was the only work by this author or if this is part of a trilogy of 4-page books. The book manages to succeed in keeping my boy’s attention despite the fact that there are no characters, no plot and no subjects to any of the sentences. When I read it Zachary seems to like hearing it and seeing the pictures. I will usually read it a couple of times in a row because no matter how slow I go the book tends to be a quick read. I think I may have to start reading Zachary some longer books.

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    October 14, 2011 7:00 pm



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