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Does my baby recognize that cute baby in the mirror?

October 11, 2011

My weekly email from BabyCenter proposed an interesting question: do babies recognize themselves in the mirror? I have held my baby up to a mirror a number of times to see how he will react. He stares at the faces he sees, mine and his own but I have no idea if he realizes that he is seeing himself. I guess when you think about it a baby knows almost nothing of the world and has no concept of what a mirror is or that they even have a reflection. You and I could always confirm a reflection by moving say an arm and watching the corresponding arm move in the reflection. My baby can’t even figure out how to control his arms yet much less understand that the reflection is moving with him. According to BabyCenter a baby doesn’t understand his own reflection until well into the second year. The article actually suggests putting a baby friendly mirror in his crib while you are getting ready in the morning as your baby will think he is seeing a different baby in the mirror. He’ll have so much fun trying to figure out who that studly baby is in the mirror.

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