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Newdaddyhood is left alone with baby and things did not go well

October 12, 2011

I have watched my baby boy myself on numerous occasions without a problem. I think I am getting the hang of this whole baby thing so far so last night when my wifey needed to take care of stuff outside the apartment for a few hours I was happy to watch my Zachary. I love spending time with him and what could go wrong. The only catch was that my wife was behind on pumping which meant I would have to feed Zachary formula before putting him to bed.  Zachary mostly eats his mommy’s milk but a few times we had to give him formula and it was not a problem. So, last night I got home from work and took over watching Zachary while my wife went out. We played for a while, I read to him, he napped on my lap, we had a good time. Then, he got hungry and it was time for dinner.  We had some pre-mixed Similac formula meant for fussy/gassy babies which would be perfect for Zachary. I poured six ounces in a bottle (that is how much breast milk he normally eats) and started feeding him. Zachary went to town as normal chowing down on the milk. I usually wait until he is at least halfway done and then stop to burp him. Maybe I should have done it sooner last night. At exactly 3 oz in Zachary erupted with great fury. He did not spit up or throw up but instead he just screamed/cried. For about 40 minutes I tried every thing to calm him and even thought about summoning a priest to do an exorcism.  I have never seen him cry as hard for that long…EVER.  If it continued any longer I seriously would have brought him to the hospital. There were 2 oz of his mommy’s milk remaining in the fridge so I ended up giving that to him and that seemed to calm him but I think he just wore himself out. He also finally let out a great big burp with some spit up at the end which was probably the relief he needed. Afterwards, he actually slept from about 9:30PM to 6AM so at least that part worked out. Looking at the back of the formula bottle there was some rather important and ominous language regarding preparation, “Shake very well before using” and,  “These instructions are very important to your baby’s health.” The one thing I forgot to do last night was to SHAKE THE BOTTLE BEFORE SERVING. Formula can be a lot heavier than mother’s milk and this may have been the problem. In the future I may have to get one of those automatic shakers they use on paint cans and use it on the formula before feeding my baby. Again, not a good night. Wifey came home while he was crying and was like, “holy crap”. Any recommendations on formula that does not turn your baby into Satan’s spawn would be appreciated.


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