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Brooklyn Artist Will Give Birth in Front of a Gallery Audience

October 13, 2011

There is an article up on Time Magazine’s website about a performance artist, Marni Kotak who will give birth in a few weeks in front of a live gallery audience. This will take place at Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn.  First off, I assume the conversation with the Gallery owners went something like this, “So you want to give birth right here in our showroom? I get why we would want you to do this, but wait, what is in this for you?” Second, who in their right mind would actually want to watch a stranger give birth. I cannot imagine coming home to wifey and saying, “guess what I got us tickets to see.” There is nothing pleasant to watch and I do not think Marni Kotak is quite aware of what she is about to go through. Third, what the hell is wrong with you that you that you want to give birth as part of a live performance. It is as if friend made a bad joke and she took him seriously. Kotak plans on ” continuing the performance with a work called “Raising Baby X”, where she’ll ‘re-contextualize the everyday act of raising a child into a work of performance art.'” Hopefully she earns a lot from these performances pieces as her child’s psychiatry bills are going to be mad high later in life. This has to be some form of child abuse. I am interested in seeing how this performance artist will re-enact getting peed on, pooped on and not sleeping.

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  1. October 14, 2011 9:44 pm

    I have no problem with bringing birth into the public eye, making it a more communal event – the way it would have been hundreds of years ago. But I fail to see how it can be called “art”! If people are to be present, they should be a relevant and involved audience – the family, the village, close friends, etc. But not a bunch of strangers.

    • October 15, 2011 1:06 pm

      Who is more bizarre: the woman who wants strangers to leer at her at her most intimate moment or the stranger who thinks watching a woman give birth makes for excellent friday night entertainment?

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