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My baby can now LAUGH…which is pretty damn awesome

October 16, 2011

There are some amazing things in this world from the Great Pyramids to the Grand Canyon to this really cool video of people doing crazy stuff but nothing compares to how amazing it is when my baby boys laughs. Zachary started laughing a few days ago and I have only seen him do it twice so far. I am not sure how to make him laugh. He doesn’t seem to laugh at knock-knock jokes or sarcastic one-liners. The chicken crossing the road doesn’t seem to do nor do recitations of George Carlin bits. My sister said she can get her daughter (only slightly older than Zachary) to laugh by tickling her under her neck but the best that can do with Zachary is to get him to smile (which used to be enough for me but I guess now I am more demanding). So far Zachary has only laughed when he gets really happy and excited. The other day he surprisingly laughed when I read his favorite book to him…I guess he really likes that book (I think I have read it to him at least a hundred times already).  My wife has seen him do it a few times also. It doesn’t sound like an adult laugh. It sounds rough and developing which I guess is kind of like him. My goal is now to figure out how to make him laugh so I can keep hearing that awesome sound that makes me so happy.

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