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My baby lives the Good Life

October 18, 2011

Rock stars, rappers, movie stars, famous athletes, super rich hedge fund managers may all think they live the good life but they have nothing on my baby. My baby boy gets fussy at times but he does not know how good he has it. Every morning when he wakes up the first thing we do is feed him a bottle with his favorite food, mommy’s milk. We get him nice and full (like I just devoured the all you can eat bread sticks and salad at The Olive Garden full), and then our big request of him is for him to take his first nap of the day (mornings are the best time to get him to nap). So to recap he gets to wake up to a huge meal of his favorite food and then gets to go back to sleep. If he were an adult people would look down on him for this behavior and ask if he had a drug problem but as a baby this is actually what he is supposed to do. This makes a healthy baby and helps him grow. I wish my life where like this. I would love to wake up from a long night’s sleep and find that someone had laid out for me a huge Thanksgiving meal. I am talking tons of turkey (the juicy dark meat and not that dry white meat), some gravy, stuffing, sweet potato pudding, cranberry sauce (my mouth is watering from just typing all this good food). It would be awesome if I were told to just devour as much of this Thanksgiving meal as possible because it was all good for me. Then after I am good and button bursting on my pants full, I would love if the big request made of me were to go back to bed and sleep off the meal so I can be healthy and grow. That would be the good life.

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