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Last night my baby dropped bombs over Baghdad except instead of bombs it was spit up and instead of Baghdad it was my face

October 19, 2011

Last night I learned a valuable lesson. This is a lesson that you will not learn from any baby book because most baby books assume you are not this stupid. There is a new game I like to play with my baby Zachary that I call the Superman game. Zachary is not even four months yet so it is a pretty basic game. I lift him up from the floor while laying on the couch and have him fly like Superman…yep not much to it and he seems to really like it. The lesson I learned last night was not to play the Superman game with Zachary after his mommy has just filled his stomach with milk. Our first go around went fine but on the second time Zachary let loose a spit-up-milk-bomb at the perfect moment when he was right above my face.

ME: Wifey!!!! You have to come take Zach!

WIFEY: (enters room) Why? What is wrong?

ME: He just spit up all over my face

WIFEY: (sees my face) OH MY GOD!!!

ME: Please take him.

WIFEY: You are going to write about this on the blog, right???

ME: Yes.


I think Wifey enjoyed that incident way too much…erghhhh!!!

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