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The End is Near/Judgment Day is upon us!!!

October 21, 2011

Harold Camping, the end-of-days preacher predicted the world would end May 21, 2011 and, of course, he was right. Wow, judgment day was crazy. Harold now says the end of the world/Judgment Day will be today, October 21, 2011 (I am not sure why in every article about Harold Camping the writer makes a point of saying he incorrectly predicted the world would end this past May. I don’t think you need to point out to any readers that he was incorrect when he predicted the world would end).

Assuming you are reading this and the world did not end, I must warn you the END IS NEAR. I am so scared as soon we will no longer be able to swaddle our baby which I believe will mean the end of times. Our baby is almost four months old and it is advised that you stop swaddling your baby by the time he is four months old. Swaddling is when we wrap our baby up tightly like a burrito before putting him asleep. He has been sleeping as a burrito since he was born. He does not sleep well outside of burritoville. I do not remember any time recently where he has slept more than a half hour straight without being wrapped up. If he is not wrapped he usually starts rubbing his eyes and starts getting really fussy and, if we can get him to close his eyes, he will usually just wake himself up by accidentally hitting himself in the face repeatedly. Once we are done with the swaddle I don’t think he will sleep again and neither will we. I can already see him staying up all night crying for days on end. I AM SO SCARED! The end is near and I do not know what to do. I assume the end of swaddling my baby was what Harold Camping was referring to in his sermons.

We will start the process of no longer swaddling him soon and so be prepared to read some miserable blog posts from an awfully tired father real soon.

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