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My Baby has a bad day and I almost punched out an old lady

October 25, 2011

Today, our little Zachary went in for his four month check up and it was really not a good day for Zachary or us. Here are the highlights:

  • The appointment started off with Zachary getting weighed and measured. Zachary now weighs 13 Ibs 3.4 oz which puts him still in the 25th percentile but he is only 23.6 inches which puts him in the 10th percentile (down from 25th percentile last time). While the doctor said his growth was fine we are not too happy about our baby turning into a skinny midget.
  • We had to get Zachary naked for his weigh in (like he was a prize fighter) which did not go well when a stream of pee almost hit the nurse who was weighing him.
  • Zachary had to get more shots. I was not there last time so this was the first time I saw him get a shot. The pediatrician poked our baby rather fast with the needles and I am sure this was mean to cause him the least pain but it looked so cruel to me. I wanted to jump on the needle and beg the doctor to stab me instead. I am still traumatized from watching my baby suffer from these needles. He was crying so loud.
  • We found out Zachary has a flat head which we have to work on correcting or it could be a serious problem . We were once again sad for Zachary.
  • We came prepared with 101 questions for the pediatrician about Zachary and were prepared to hold her under a hot light to get answers but half of our cross examination was lost under the sound of Zachary’s screams throughout the appointment.
Zachary was fussy the rest of the day from his shots and we were not happy about his flat head issue and his being short. Zachary then had a freak out at dinner time and I took him for a walk to calm him down. When I took him for a walk Zachary had been freaking out for a good 45 minutes. I started walking outside and not more than a block into our walk some old woman starts talking to me. I don’t know why people think they can just start a conversation with me because I have a baby.
OLD WOMAN: How old is he?
ME: About 4 months.
OLD WOMAN: Looks kind of small for a 4 month old? [Did she really just say that?]
ME: Well, that is how old he is.
OLD WOMAN: And he is a boy? [That is why I referred to him as “he”. I am going to drop kick her.]
OLD WOMAN: Sorry for the all the questions but I like to be everyone’s grandma. [What the hell does that even mean?]
I swear if she kept talking to me we would have made the cover of tomorrow morning’s AM NY newspaper.
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