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What is it like when Newdaddyhood watches baby Zachary?

October 27, 2011

Recently, I have had several opportunities to spend the day watching Zachary by myself. Normally, only Wifey gets to spend an extended period watching Zachary alone because she is still on maternity leave. Wifey, however, has had to take care of some things outside of the apartment including helping her sister with wedding dress shopping which has led to me spending some special time with Zachary. Having now experienced watching Zachary by myself for 5 to 6+ hours I must say “Wow Wifey, how do you do it?”. Baby Zachary is awesome but he is just tiring to watch especially since I usually end up watching the him on little sleep. He is very fun to play with and has the greatest smile, but I definitely keep checking the clock to figure out how long it will be until Wifey comes back to help me. The biggest thing I have noticed is that I feel sort of like the main guy from Memento when I am watching Zachary. I have almost no memory of the days events and can barely remember things that happened minutes before. I could not recite my day with Zachary even under threat of bodily harm. I know we played, he ate, he pooped and probably barely slept. There is a good chance I read him his favorite story 30 times in a row and helped him stand up for a half hour straight (he loves to try and stand). When I get home from work I always ask Wifey when Zachary last ate and she will sometimes say, “I have no idea.” I truly understand what she means now because it is so hard to keep track of these things on little sleep when you are watching  a baby. Wifey, you are awesome and Zachary is lucky to have at least one capable parent.

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