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Guess which is the well-behaved baby?

October 29, 2011

This is Zachary hanging with his cousin Maddy. Maddy is just three weeks older than Zachary. They may be close in age but they are not similar. Maddy is the most mannered baby ever while Zachary is…well the opposite. I am guessing growing up Zachary is going to be the bad influence here. Here is my summary of how Maddy and Zachary are different:

Zachary: Freaks out and screams for an hour straight when over-tired

Maddy:  Rocks herself to sleep when over-tired

Zachary: Screams when hungry and devours milk like it is going out of style

Maddy:  When hungry she goes to the kitchen and warms up her own bottle

Zachary: Poops and spits up all over his outfits

Maddy:  Does the same but she takes her dirty outfits to the dry cleaners

Zachary: Can sit calmly in the bumbo for no more than 10 minutes straight

Maddy: Can sit calmly in the bumbo for no more than 10 hours straight

Zachary: Likes to make squeaking noise all the time

Maddy:  hums classical opera

Zachary: Flails arms constantly and repeatedly scratches own face

Maddy:  Files her own nails

Zachary: Never takes naps during the day

Maddy:  Will only nap during the day if you ask politely

Zachary: hates when I leave him on his stomach during tummy time

Maddy:  will chill even if you balance her on her head

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