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No joke, we read our baby his favorite book last night at least 30 times in a row

November 1, 2011

Recently, I did a post discussing the merits of my baby Zachary’s favorite book (pictured above). The book is called “Love to Cuddle” and the entire book is recited below (minus pictures):

Play in the sea.

Swing from a tree.

Splash in a puddle.

Share a cuddle.

(I can’t wait for the movie version of this book to come out).

Zachary is just over four months old and he has trouble self soothing. This basically means he has trouble falling asleep on his own and can only fall asleep when we rock him usually in the stroller or the electric swing. If we just leave him in the crib he will get more and more tired but instead of sleeping he will start screaming (which shockingly is not very fun for us). At this age he should be able to self sooth and Wifey and I are working on helping him do this. Our baby can get quite fussy especially when over-tired. We have read lots of advice from people online and one common recommendation is to put him in his crib when he starts getting tired and read him a story. My assumption was that those people do not have a baby like Zachary and I wanted to hurt those people for thinking it is that easy. So, with no idea how to get Zachary to self sooth we decided to give it a shot. Zachary was being really fussy but I put him down in the crib anyway. I then started reading him his favorite book. It was kind of amazing, he just started smiling and staring at the pictures. He would start getting upset when I stopped reading. Wifey joined me and we may have read the book 30 times in a row (at least) last night before he finally zonked out (and actually slept fairly well). The constant and repeated reading of this book was like some form of fraternity hazing. Wifey and I started yawning and almost passing out well before Zachary did. It is quite hard to repeat those 4 lines in a row constantly without continually flubbing the lines. Anyhow, we read him his favorite book again this morning and it seemed to work for nap time so I guess this is our new system for now. It beats walking around the block 5 or 6 times with the stroller every time we want him to sleep.

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