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We are clearly not the best at interviewing Nannies

November 4, 2011

My wife will be returning to work soon and we are in the process of interviewing nannies. What we have found is we really do not know what to ask the nannies in the interview. We can’t really ask them cliche interview questions like what is your biggest strength and what is your biggest weakness. (My biggest weakness is I am not good around kids, I hope that is not a problem). We ask them about their past experience and then we are out of good questions. We asked what I thought was a good question, what is your method of disciplining a child for when Zachary is older. But the response we have gotten repeatedly is some form of “hey, just so you know, I am not going to hit your kid.” One actually said that she interviewed with a mother who had a two-day old baby and the mother asked her what steps she would take to discipline a child at that age. I think the first step is to call child services to get that baby out of that insane woman’s house. Another question we have asked is, “what do you envision a typical day with a four month old would be like,” but it is not like they are going to answer that with some scary scenario. They all answer with some form of play, eat, activity outside and/or play date as none of them are going to say something like, “Well, after he has his morning nap I would draw a large pentagram on your floor and sit your baby at the center.” At least that way we would know to exclude the Satan worship from the nanny contest.  Everyone we have met so far sounds like they have a lot of experience and claim to love kids. They have mostly seemed like warm people but who the heck knows and it is just scary leaving our baby with a stranger. One asked us what we are looking for in a a nanny, “Well my goal is to come home each day and find out my baby has not been kidnapped and is still alive.” The only real way we have found to discern which woman would make the best nanny has been to call the references and hope that leads us in the right direction.

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