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I WILL SLEEP WHEN YOU ARE DEAD: How does my baby react to daylight savings and not being swaddled?

November 6, 2011

I have seen on Facebook this morning a lot of complaints from Mothers about how Daylight Savings has messed up their baby’s sleep schedule. The nice thing about our baby Zachary is that Daylight Savings had no effect on his sleep last night. Our baby Zachary’s night would have had to involve “sleep” for Daylight Savings to have effected his “sleep”.  For the past two nights we have tried to get our baby to sleep through the night without being swaddled. He has been swaddled since birth and we decided to cut him off cold turkey. The result is an overtired baby who continually rubs his eyes and jars himself awake by hitting himself in the face with his arms. He would only actually fall asleep when he literally became too exhausted to lift his arms. He then would wake up every hour to hour and a half (if we were lucky) and we had to repeat the cycle of waiting for him to become too tired to lift his arms. We also kept sticking the pacifier in his mouth which soothes him but he would keep accidentally knocking the pacifier our with his flailing arms. He also has a habit of lifting his legs up and violently smashing them against the mattress repeatedly. Wifey are I are very tired and are realizing that cold turkey may not work out so well. In acts of desperation at the 4AM hour we have tried the swaddle again (which knocked him out) and we are thinking the one arm in and one arm out of the swaddle may be a good intermediary step at least for naps. On a positive note, he really does not scream as much without the swaddled, he just continually whimpers. I guess that is a positive.

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