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His teeth are a comin….and other baby updates

November 7, 2011

  • Our boy Zachary is now teething. The pediatrician mentioned this to us and showed us how his gums are inflamed. It is why he drools all the time now and sticks his fingers in his mouth (for comfort). My expectation for teething would be that our baby would cry non-stop as I have heard teething horror stories. We bought a numbing gel to help reduce the pain but we have yet to have to use it as the only comfort he seems to need are his ten magic fingers. While it is great that teething has not been a problem the only negative (a minor one) is that between his constant drool and his fingers being in his mouth all the time we end up covered in his saliva every time we hold him.
  • I have noticed ladies flock to baby Zachary. We took him to a friend’s party yesterday and the ladies could not keep their hands off of him. Zachary, I hope this is a burden you will have to bear your whole life.
  • After two horrendous sleepless nights, we have decided not to make our Zachary go cold turkey on his swaddle. We have read comments online from other parents who said that a more gradual approach worked better for their baby. So, we are taking Zachary through a twelve step program to break his swaddle addiction. We are starting off with one arm out of the swaddle, then two arms and then eventually no swaddle. Last night with only one arm out went much better. He did not flail or rub his eyes nearly as much and slept pretty well. We are very grateful for his better sleep as we might not have survived if his pattern from this weekend continued.
  • My wife had read that it can help to put a small blanky in your baby’s hand when trying to get him to sleep as this gives him something to do with his hand. I did this last night and returned to our bedroom victorious until my wife told me that while the blanky helps getting him to sleep we cannot leave it in the crib while he is sleeping as it could be dangerous. I was freaked because he was clutching tightly to the blanky and I imagined him screaming when I yanked it out of his sleeping hand. I looked on Google for ten minutes trying to find out if this blanky was really dangerous. I did not know what to do because I wanted so badly for him to sleep. When I finally went to his room with fears of how I was going to get the blanky out of his clutched hand I found he had already discarded the blanky like it was yesterday’s newspaper. I guess my worries for how to make a daring escape with his blanky for unfounded.
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