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Our Baby has the Memory of a Gold Fish

November 9, 2011

Is the above baby about to get really happy or is he about to scream in horror? I don’t know. I never really know. Our baby Zachary goes from happy to sad and sad to happy in a matter of seconds. His ability to change moods so fast has earned him the nickname Bi-Polar Baby. He can be as happy as can be but all of a sudden lose his mind. He can also be crying but when I read his favorite book to him he gets happy and forgets that he was crying. It helps that he has the memory of a goldfish. When something good happens to you that event usually stays with you and keeps you happy. The same is true for sad events keeping you sad. For babies like Zachary once the sad or happy event has passed it is as if it never happened. When he suddenly starts crying I try to remind him of all the fun we just had playing super baby but he doesn’t seem to remember. If his memory does not eventually improve his adult life will go something like this:

BUDDY: I am sorry to hear your girlfriend cheated on you after all these years. And, to have her cheat with your best friend. You must be devastated. Wait, why are you so happy???


BUDDY: But, aren’t you upset about your girlfriend cheating?

ADULT ZACHARY: What girlfriend???

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