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My baby’s pajamas are my Rubik’s Cube

November 14, 2011

Have you ever tried to solve a Rubik’s Cube at the end of a long night of drinking? If you have, then you know how I feel at 4AM when I am trying to button up my baby’s pajamas. People will give you tons of advice about having a baby and tell you tons of stories but no one seems to mention how freakin’ hard it is the solve the puzzle that is your baby’s pajamas. Our baby boy has many pairs of pajamas and almost all of them need to be buttoned up (he does at least look super-cute in all of his pajamas). The idea is you will have easy access to change your baby’s diaper because you just have to unbutton his legs and bottom. And, this is true as it could not be easier to get to the diaper. But, buttoning up my baby’s pajamas is my constant living nightmare. I constantly find myself wondering, “why is there an extra button?”…”it was all buttoned five minutes ago, how can the buttons no longer match up?”…”did one of the buttons disappear?” This process is, of course, made much more challenging when it is the middle of the night AND I have gotten little sleep AND my baby is playfully kicking his legs in order to prevent any chance of me actually lining up the buttons. My advice to all parents to buy the pajamas with zippers instead of buttons. You will save yourself a lot of cursing under your breadth at 4AM.

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