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My baby boy’s sleep patterns are more volatile than the stock market

November 15, 2011

UPDATE ON GOING SWADDLE-FREE: Predicting whether the stock market will be up or down tomorrow is probably easier than predicting whether my baby will have a good night of sleep tonight. Since we have started experimenting with easing our baby off the swaddle we have had nights that are so torturesome that even Dick Cheney would shudder at the thought and we have had other nights that are like blessed gifts from the above.  We started off our break-the-swaddle-habit journey by going cold turkey and having Zach wake up every half hour.

DAY 2 OF COLD TURKEY: it was 4AM and we had both been switching off getting up every half hour

WIFEY: I was thinking of trying to swadd

ME: (interrupting) YES, try it, hang him by his toes if that will work.

We then went to one arm and saw major improvements including one 8:30PM to 6AM night that was a Moses parting the Red Sea-like miracle. Then over the weekend things got awful. Even in the one arm out swaddle set up our boy woke up every half hour (there may have also been some gas issues which he has been dealing with). It was getting extremely rough but then last night we tried cold-turkey-no-swaddle again and he slept great. He slept so well that I accused my wife of slipping him an Ambien (she never actually denied my accusation just laughed at it so who knows).  We are really hopeful that our baby broke though some sleeping wall/hurdle or something last night and will sleep well going forward. We also hope to win the lottery but realize we have to be realistic. My guess is we will be going back and forth with using the swaddle for a while until one of us cracks.

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