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Just because our baby CAN roll over DOES NOT mean he knows HOW to roll over

November 17, 2011

Have you ever accomplished something but were not quite sure how you made it happen? That is how it feels to be my Baby Zachary. Starting maybe a month or so ago Baby Zachary started rolling over from his stomach to his back. Even though he has now rolled over many times he still only rolls over once or twice a day max. Sometimes after Zachary rolls over I will place him back on his stomach and watch as will be unable to roll over again even though he just did it less than a minute ago (he gets really frustrated which is sad). I have realized that Zachary rolls but does not quite understand how he rolls. He understands that he must lift up his head and shoulders (as pictured above) and then lean to one side. That part he has down but he cannot quite comprehend the next step. So, sometimes he accidentally figures out what to do and rolls over but other times he cannot quite figure it out. I feel so bad for him when he struggles to roll over and try to remind him what he did previously but it does not really help. Wifey and I cheer and clap every time he rolls over so I hope he understands at least how excited we are to watch him roll.

Rolling from stomach to back is actually the easier move for babies. Rolling from their back to their stomach is considered the harder and more advanced roll. We are very excited because Zachary is very close to rolling from his back to his stomach. He can now get up on his side with ease and many times at night we will find him sleeping on his side. He just does not quite understand how to go from his side to his stomach. He has made it half way but cannot seem to figure out how to tip over. The other day Wifey and I were crouched over him cheering him on as we thought he would tip over and complete the roll. He came so close but alas it was not to be. I know soon Zachary will be able to complete these rolls back and forth with ease but it is awesome right now to watch him develop and try to accomplish what a few weeks back would have been impossible for him.

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  1. November 17, 2011 11:27 pm

    He’ll figure it out soon enough! Life is a long series of trial and error for a baby, and it’s mostly error! 🙂


  1. By Jove I think he’s got it « newdaddyhood

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