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Oh the humanity!!!…Things go downhill fast while changing my boy’s diaper

November 21, 2011

I flew too close to the sun. This was clearly a case of hubris. I thought I had tamed the Baby Zachary. I thought I knew his patterns but I was so wrong. It was around 3AM this past Saturday. I was changing Baby Zachary’s diaper after having just fed him. When Zachary was first born I would never leave his butt or wee wee uncovered when changing him as I knew things could go awry in an instant. These days once Zachary has peed or pooped he is usually done going for a little while which has resulted in me being a bit careless about covering him while changing him. Zachary taught me a valuable lesson Saturday morning that covering him is not something I should take for granted. I simply looked away for a moment to discard his old diaper and a pee stream shot out nailing him directly in the face (it is a cruel joke that his wee wee naturally stays aimed at his face when I am changing him). Unlike last time this happened, Zachary immediately started losing it. I started losing to it too as I tried to wipe the pee off my boy’s face(this was my lowest moment as a father). Wifey heard the commotion and entered the room to find me in a state of shock. She kept asking me what happened but I was so traumatized that I had trouble telling her. She said, “is that all, he did the same thing the other day when I was changing him.”

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