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Wifey has become the Baby-Whisperer and I have become the Baby-Make-Crier

November 23, 2011

There was a time early on when Baby Zachary would scream and shout when he was with Wifey and then enter a state of bliss when I would hold him. Those times are a distant memory as Baby Zachary clearly has a thing now for Wifey. Even during his worst fits he cannot stay fussy when held tightly in Wifey’s arms. Baby Zachary prefers Wifey (and who can blame him), and because of this she seems to be the only one that can get him to sleep. These days Zachary is a fairly happy baby except at bedtime. When trying to get him to sleep he can lose it because he has a lot of trouble putting himself to sleep. There have been more than a few occasions recently where I will get him during the night to feed or change him and then have to battle with him to get him to sleep. Wifey will hear our struggle over the video monitor and swoop in like some super hero to save the day. I will see her over my shoulder and know I am saved (when he really starts losing it I start looking over my shoulder and praying that Wifey will rescue me soon). I will gladly head defeated back to bed and wait to see Wifey emerge in the bedroom five minutes later having put Zachary to sleep. I am fairly certain she is using some type of performance enhancer to get Zachary to sleep because that is the only explanation for her extraordinary ability to get our son to sleep. Please teach me your secret Wifey because my only extraordinary ability seems to be my ability to give a tired baby the energy to scream.

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