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Baby Zachary’s First Thanksgiving: Lots of Turkey + a Sleepy Baby

November 26, 2011

Zachary is sure making a weird face in this family photo

This Thanksgiving I had more to be thankful for than ever before. Life is good and I am especially thankful for Wifey and Baby Zachary. Baby Zachary has been an amazing addition to our lives. He has introduced us to the fun world that is baby-world and the dizzying world that is insomnia-land.  We went out to visit family in Pennsylvania this year for Thanksgiving. It ended up being about a four hour car ride which was the longest car ride of his life and his first visit ever to Pennsylvania (he has now been to four states as he is quite the traveler). Wifey and I were truly scared about how this car ride back and forth would go but we were truly blessed this Thanksgiving by a baby boy who wanted to sleep. Baby Zachary miraculously slept almost the entire way to Pennsylvania and back (we hit very little traffic which was key as sitting in traffic with Baby Zachary usually means him crying and us slowly dying). Baby Zachary was the hit of Thanksgiving. He entertained everyone with his funny expressions, his dance moves, his dazzling smile and his ability to look around. Our biggest highlight was when Baby Zachary completed a double role, from back to front and then from front to back (he is going to be a rolling fiend very soon). The dude really was really great this Thanksgiving which made Wifey and I very thankful. We totally forgive him for torturing us from 2AM to 6AM Thursday night as he was so good the rest of the time. You rock Baby Zachary. Maybe next year instead of stuffing your face with milk, you may actually get to stuff your face with turkey.

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