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FEED ME, I AM HUNGRY: Our baby boy tries solid food for the first time

November 27, 2011

We fed Baby Zachary his first solid food, rice cereal. As recommended, we mixed it with his Momma’s milk and gave him some milk before trying to feed him the rice cereal to calm him. He definitely seemed a bit confused by the spoon and food (his grandparents were nice enough to provide the cutest spoon and bowl for his first meal). The funny thing is that lately he seems to want to put everything in his mouth except for the spoon with the food. We also discovered that the bib we put on him when feeding him milk may not cover him enough when eating solids. We are thinking of buying some type of baby tarp to cover his body as that may be the only effective method against our baby’s messiness.  Food was really going everywhere except down his throat. I have a feeling that meal time is going to start resembling a Jackson Pollock painting real soon. We are going keep sticking with the solids though I am sure if Baby Zachary had his way he would stick with Momma’s milk forever…or at least until the kids in school started making fun of him. Soon we will introduce a bunch of fun foods including carrots, potatoes, apples, bananas, peaches…oh my.

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