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I am five months old today and my skillz make you look like an infant

November 29, 2011

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

It has been five months and I am getting the hang of this darn world. Me no miss Mommy’s womb no more as it is so awesome in the real world. It is especially awesome because me getting big and developing lots of cool skills. Besides my sweet nunchuck skills, I’ll tell you about what I can now do now and why I love it:

  • I freakin’ love rolling. I have mastered stomach to back and I am getting the hang of back to stomach. I even completed a double roll (full 360 degrees) on Thanksgiving though I have not done the double roll since as I like to save the double rolls for big occasions.  I bet you have also noticed that you will put me on my back in the crib at night and later find me on my stomach. I am only crying while on my stomach in the crib because I really want you guys to come check out that I just rolled (not because I don’t like being on my tummy as that would be silly…I mean why would I roll onto my stomach in the crib if I did not want to be on my stomach?). Further, I don’t care what those pediatricians say, me not going to be restricted to sleeping just on my back in the crib no more.
  • I can now suck on my feet. I used to just suck on my hands which is still really awesome to do but I started wondering “hey, what do my feet taste like?”. I gotta say my hands are still tastier but do like the occasional foot in my mouth too.
  • Speaking of putting stuff in my mouth, I basically like putting everything in my mouth these days from my toys to Mommy and Daddy’s hands. It is just fun to taste everything. My Angry Bird stuffed toy is particularly tasty.
  • I can pull Mommy’s hair now. I love pulling Mommy’s hair mainly because it seems to drive her crazy and Daddy taught me that driving Mommy crazy is so much fun.
  • I can dance or at least wobble rhythmically to music when Daddy holds my hands. My favorite song to shake it to is that one about throwing my hands up in air sometimes saying ayo, gotta let go. Though Daddy usually changes the lyrics and makes it about throwing his baby in the air sometimes.
  • I can squeak loud noises.  I guess this isn’t new but it is more often and it is again only to drive Mommy crazy.
  • I can play with my tongue. I mostly enjoy this because until recently I did not even know I had a tongue.
  • I can make some nasty farts which is fun because Mommy and Daddy then always have to play the “Did he just poop or fart?” game.
  • I can sleep without being swaddled because you can’t stop me, you can only hope to contain me. (I am pretty sure I scared the crap out of Mommy and Daddy when I refused at first to sleep without a swaddle).
  • I can eat solid foods. I don’t enjoy eating solids but I do enjoy how incredibly messy I get when eating them and the frustrated look in Mommy and Daddy’s eyes. I have only tried rice cereal so far so I do hope the next foods are tastier, though it will be hard to beat Mommy’s milk for taste.
  • My coolest trick is that I can now (you are going to be SUPER IMPRESSED) remove the pacifier from my mouth with my hand and THEN ACTUALLY GET THE PACIFIER BACK IN MY MOUTH!!! It is pretty amazing to see my pacifier trick as the pacifier returns to my mouth without any invisible wires or Mommy’s assistance (though I can only get this trick right maybe once a night).

Anyhow guys, I got a busy day so I can’t spend the whole day writing to you guys. Daddy has shirts that have not been spit up on yet so I am really behind on that. Oh and I want to give a shout out to my new cousin Wilson. Between, Wilson and my cousins Lenny and Maddy we gonna run this town in a year or two.


Your little terror, Zachary Harrison

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