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I will sleep any way I want in the crib and you will just deal

December 1, 2011

This is obviously not a picture of Zach in his crib. I would have liked to take a picture of Zach sleeping in his crib for this post but then I would be risking waking him and that would be the act of an insane man.

Pediatricians recommend that babies sleep on their back to reduce the risk of SIDS. Baby Zachary recommends that those pediatricians mind their own darn business. Baby Zachary has become a lot more mobile these days and this is especially noticeable in the crib. We will put him to sleep in the crib at night lying on his back and when we come to check on him we will find him turned 180 degrees to face the other way, or on his side or at the other end of the crib. His new favorite position which he started last night is to sleep on his stomach. Recently he started rolling on to his stomach while in the crib but he would start to cry out eventually as he could not figure out how he got to his stomach or how to roll back (he seems to be good at rolling in one direction but can’t hit the reverse pedal very well). Last night I checked on him to find him passed out on his stomach with his hand in his mouth. This was a little worrying but we have been told that once babies can roll they will sleep how they want to sleep and there is nothing we can do about it. After his night-feeding I tried positioning him on his back again and he immediately rolled onto his stomach as if to say, “great, I can finally roll over and get comfortable in this crib.”  I am not ready to start putting him directly on his stomach as I don’t want to advocate him sleeping on his stomach…though I have no idea why I even wrote that because as long as he is happily sleeping we are good. The risk of SIDS is also really only in the first few months.  Also, because I usually put him on his back in the center of the crib when he rolls he will end up on his stomach but almost pinned against the bars of the crib like some baby prisoner. Again, if he is happy sleeping this way we are good.

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