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The best laid plans involving story time and baby go awry

December 6, 2011

I had a plan for Saturday to take Baby Zachary to story time at the local public library. Wifey takes Baby Zachary places all the time from music classes to story time to play dates and it always goes well. Wifey had to run some errands that morning so it was just going to be Baby Zachary and Daddy time. It was a simple plan and it should have worked out.  Obviously, it did not go well or you would not be reading this post.

I should have known story time was doomed when Baby Zachary refused to take his morning nap. Story time was at 11AM and I tried valiantly to get Baby Zachary to nap beforehand. No matter as I would not let the lack of a nap stop me. Here is how the events unfolded. I fed Baby Zachary, wrapped him in a warm jacket and hat and threw him into the Baby Bjorn. It was a cold day but when we entered the library I felt like we entered a tropical rain forest. I understand they want to make the library warm but I was left sweating profusely with a baby strapped to me waiting for story time to begin. The librarian who leads story time remembered us from last time and approached. She said it was great to see us again but then commented that my baby’s feet must be so cold out there (which was a weird comment since I had socks on him). So, I was standing there still sweating, Zachary pinned to my chest and having to make nice with a woman that just questioned my parenting skills. We then entered story time and I took Baby Zachary out of the Baby Bjorn. He managed to spit up (mildly) as I was taking him out but that did not phase me. Story time was packed with babies and toddlers though Zachary appeared to be the youngest. All the other babies and toddlers seemed to be paying close attention as the librarian led us in songs and read to us (I knew enough to at least sit in the back). Baby Zachary spent this time going from standing to sitting to trying to roll over in my lap to making screeching noises. As story time proceeded Baby Zachary refused to sit still (as he did at the last story time) and I continually stared at the clock praying story time would end soon. Baby Zachary appeared to be very grumpy as story time continued and kept twisting around trying to get comfortable. Then the crying/whining began and I knew things were not going to get better from there. The other parents kept turning their heads to look at us as I jabbed the pacifier in Baby Zachary’s mouth. I then made one of the best decisions of my life as I just grabbed Baby Zachary, walked out of the room and declared story time over. I threw Baby Zachary back into the Baby Bjorn (he screamed while I put his jacket back on which was just so much fun). By the time I exited the library a few minutes later Baby Zachary was out cold in the Baby Bjorn finally getting his much needed morning nap. Hopefully, story time at the library goes better next month and hopefully Wifey comes with me.

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