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Playtime with Wifey vs. Playtime with Newdaddyhood

December 13, 2011

Wifey brushes his hair

Newdaddyhood throws Baby Zachary in the air

Wifey puts moisturizer on his face

Newdaddyhood challenges Baby Zachary to a rolling over race

Wifey relaxes with him and takes an afternoon nap

Newdaddyhood bounces Baby Zachary on his lap

Wifey reads him a relaxing story in a voice that is low

Newdaddyhood forces Baby Zachary to listen to eight books in a row

Wifey has fun telling him all about her day

Newdaddyhood shouts “BAAA” amd “MAAA” at Baby Zachary because that is just his way

Wifey prepares him nutritious meals

Newdaddyhood has Baby Zachary up dancing on his heels

Wifey gently helps him play with his colorful toys

Newdaddyhood is fairly certain that Baby Zachary likes loud noise

Wifey uses her best motherly tools

Newdaddyhood knows that boy world rules

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