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Why doesn’t he know his own name???

December 19, 2011

I don't know my first name but my middle name is Danger

Wifey read somewhere that babies at Zachary’s age will start to recognize their own name (BabyCenter agrees). I am fairly skeptical about this. How would you  know the difference between your baby reacting to his name vs. him just reacting to your own voice. I guess you can bring a stranger over and see if your baby will respond when the stranger calls out their name.  You could even have a series of strangers come by and have some call him by his name and others call him “Frank” and see how he responds.

One thing I am certain of is that Zachary has no idea what his name is and that is probably because we call him everything possible but his name. He seems to respond to “dude”, “sir poops a lot”, “monkey”, “pumpkin pie (all Wifey on this one)”, and to the sound “BAAAAAAAAAA” (BAAAAA is actually one of his favorites as every time I use that I hold that one syllable he starts to smile). We are now making a conscious effort to call him by his name more often…probably to the point of overkill because now when I play with him I just keeping shouting at him, “Zach…Zach…ZACH…ZACH…” (I am quite the annoying Daddy).

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