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FINE!!! I will put myself on a schedule without your help!!!

December 20, 2011

BABY ZACHARY: You guys are pathetic. Don’t know you how much I want to be on a schedule? Don’t you understand how comforting it would be to know what to expect from my day? You guys are truly amateurs at this whole parenting thing.

ME: To be fair this is our first time at this but we are very sorry. We really are trying. Getting you on a schedule is not easy. We want you to sleep through the night and we just can’t figure out when the best time to get you to bed.

BABY ZACHARY: Fine, I will figure it out myself. 8PM, every night, just get me to sleep by then.

ME: Got it.

I do not know how this happened but I am fairly certain that Baby Zachary has put himself on a schedule. I guess he was tired of waiting for us to get our act together. Everything we have read about babies has told us the importance of getting a baby on a schedule and how much they like it but it is much easier to read about it than to actually make it happen. We had struggled with this for a while and would go between trying to get Zachary to sleep at 7PM to having him stay up til 10PM. A couple of weeks ago Baby Zachary started making it clear to us that he wanted to eat dinner between 7:00-7:30PM and to be in bed by 8PM every night. He has given us little flexibility because he will erupt if you try to keep him up later than 8PM but he will sleep well if you get him down by then. It also doesn’t matter when we last fed him, even if it was close to say 6PM, he still wants to eat around 7PM and get to bed by 8PM. He has also scheduled his first nap of the day to be around 8AM (the other naps are still a bit up in the air). We really appreciate Baby Zachary’s help and rigidness because we had basically given up on the idea of getting him on a schedule. We may be amateurs but at least our baby is a professional.

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