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Is our baby going to be an early walker???

January 5, 2012

Zachary really, REALLY likes to stand. It is his preferred position and, if he could find a way to sleep standing up, I think he would do so. More than a few people who have seen how much Zachary likes to stand have remarked to us that they believe Zachary will be an early walker. I am not sure if they are correct and, I am even less sure whether I want them to be correct. It sounds great for your child to be developmentally advanced but I am certain that once my baby boy can walk he is going to quite a handful (as if he is not one already). He is going to get into lots of trouble and break lots of things. He is going to run around like the Tasmanian Devil. Why would we hope that this happens sooner? He is going to start walking sometime soon either way and be doing it for a real long time. It is going to be awesome when he can run around and play but we don’t need him to hurry up the path of destruction he will cause as he sprints through our apartment and beyond. Zachary, please think of your folks and take your time on this one. Especially, since we haven’t made an ounce of progress on baby proofing.

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