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Stranger Danger

January 9, 2012

It was a very nice Saturday for Baby Zachary and Newdaddyhood.  I was watching Zachary for the day and  the day had gone as well as I could have hoped. Zachary was super happy, he ate all his meals, took his naps and we even had a successful adventure at story time at the local library.  Then it happened. It was around 3PM and Zachary had just napped, eaten and been changed in that order. We were sitting on the floor playing with toys when my expected visitors showed up. I opened the door and Zachary freaked. He went from super happy boy to impossible to calm.  I tried everything including feeding him but he was just freaked by the visitors and kept staring at them while crying. I kept telling my visitors that it was not them Zachary was crying at but it clearly was them. We had more company over on Sunday and Zachary freaked again though not as bad as Saturday. He eventually calmed down in both situations but this was new for us as  Zachary had experienced “stranger danger”. I had read online that around six months our baby would begin to differentiate between the people he recognized and the people he did not recognize. And, this is what happened over the weekend. I am hoping in the future he does not have such an adverse reaction to strangers. I guess we now need to get Zachary more comfortable with visitors  so as to not overwhelm or frighten him. One benefit, at least, is he is now less likely to take candy from strangers.

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