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Do you know what the best part is of having a baby that can now sit up?

January 11, 2012

I am going to get that Angry Bird

It is really awesome that Baby Zachary can now sit up. (And by sit up I mean if we sit him up, he stays in a sitting position instead of falling over as he used to do. It will still probably be a while until he can get in the sitting up position on his own). It makes it so much easier to play with Zachary. I now sit him across from me and we can play with toys together. It also helps that he is a lot more interested in toys now. While this is fun, the actual best part of him sitting up is that I no longer need to drive myself crazy burping him. After he eats, I just place him sitting down in front of some toys and, as he reaches for the toys, he burps himself.  Baby Zachary had some serious gas/burping issues when he was younger and I would go nuts patting his back to make sure the burps came out. Sometimes patting him on the back would work and sometimes it would not which would mean he would get gas pains later. The fact that Zachary can now burp himself means he is much happier and so am I.

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