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Do you want to come over and play so that we can completely ignore one another?

January 17, 2012

Dear Baby Friend,

Do you want to come over and play with me? I am not sure actually who you are but my Mommy and Daddy say we are good friends. I am told that we have a lot in common as you are also a baby and you also drool. That is good enough for me to know we will have a rockin’ time. I have a bunch of really cool toys you can play with.  You are welcome to put all of my toys in your mouth, that is pretty much what I do with toys so  I assume you do the same. We can sit up next to each other, laugh, cry and have so much fun not acknowledging each other’s existence. I am not nearly far enough along in my development to actually play with you but maybe if you sit real close to me I may grab your face and/or hair like you are one of my toys. Do you have weird parents? My parents are so weird. They can all have fun being weird together and talking about us like we are not sitting right in front of them. It would be great if you can make it though if you don’t come over I will probably just hang out with that cool other baby I always see in the mirror, I must say he dresses pretty well.

Your Friend,

Baby Z

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