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What is it like when your baby gets a cold?

January 19, 2012

"I don't feel so well"

DAY/TIME: Monday (a few days ago), around 6AM

SCENE: Wifey enters the living room to find me just getting up from having slept on the couch, Baby Zachary can be heard crying in the background.

WIFEY: That was a pretty rough night. Have you been out here since 1AM? Thanks for staying out here so I could turn off the baby monitor inside and get some sleep.

ME: No problem. Do you want to grab Zachary so I can get some rest?

WIFEY: Sure. How was he last night?

ME: Last night is an absolute blur.

WIFEY: Well, did he wake up a lot?

ME: I barely remember, I think he woke up around 1:10AM, then at 1:15AM, and 1:25AM, 1:40AM, 2:05AM, 2:20AM, 2:40AM, 2:55AM…basically he woke up every ten to fifteen minutes.

WIFEY: All night?

ME: At some point he must have fallen asleep for longer, I really have no idea when that happened.

WIFEY: Are you okay?

ME: I am kind of tired. Would you mind mind finding a heavy, blunt object to hit me over the head with?

Zachary has a cold which meant little sleep for us over the weekend. Lucky for us the cold seems to have subsided and Zachary is sleeping much better the last couple of nights. 

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