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My boy may soon be smarter than a puppy

January 23, 2012

I hate to break this to all parents out there but puppies are smarter than babies.  Puppies can be trained to sit on command and only poop outside. Don’t you wish you could train your baby to only poop at a certain time and place though people might get mad at you if your baby pooped by a fire hydrant.  The good news is that babies do catch up pretty fast to puppies and our Baby Zachary, at almost seven months is definitely showing some signs that he will surpass a puppy soon. It is actually quite amazing to see Baby Zachary learn things though even if they are small things. A few cool things I have noticed that Baby Zachary has learned include:

  1. If I put my hands out, palm side up, he will know to grab my hands and try to stand up.
  2. When lifting him out of something like his high chair he knows to lift his arms up so I can lift him up.
  3. If a toy has a spinning ball he has mastered how to spin the ball.
  4. If he sees a tissue near his nose he knows to scream because the end is coming, meaning I will be wiping a booger from his nose.

He has also learned important things like that Mommy and Daddy are pretty important people and how to roll over but I think both those tricks are ones puppies learn pretty fast too.

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