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Earth’s Best vs. Mommy’s Best

January 24, 2012

Our preferred brand of baby mush for Baby Zachary is Earth’s Best Organic Baby food. They have wonderful array of varieties that Zachary loves including sweet potatoes, apples, bananas, sweet peas, carrots, apricots, blueberries, etc. While we like feeding Zachary the Earth’s Best baby mush, Wifey thought it would be really awesome if we could make baby food for Zachary from scratch. Wifey figured that this way we would be giving Zachary the healthiest possible baby food. We bought a baby food processor that both steams the food and processes it until it becomes baby mush. Wifey made him two of his favorite foods from scratch, sweet potatoes and bananas. Wifey and I then discovered that the only thing on this planet that Zachary actually does not want to put in his mouth is the baby food she made him. The little dude will put just about any toy, his hands, our hands and anything he can pick up off the floor in his mouth but apparently Wifey’s homemade baby food is a little too weird for his palate. I even tried the sweet potatoes and they were delicious. I really do not get it. I don’t know what drug Earth’s Best is slipping in my baby’s mush but he seems pretty hooked on their product.

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  1. January 25, 2012 3:48 am

    Oh no! I have the same problem. I started Elspeth on store-bought jars of food when she was a tiny tyke, and THEN tried to introduce my own home-made foods… total rejection! Even now she doesn’t like a lot of proper foods and is a terribly fussy eater. I’m going to try to avoid jars altogether when Evelyn starts solid in a week or so.

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