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Covered in Poop and Throw-up is not a good way to celebrate your 7th month birthday

January 30, 2012

Baby Zachary, how about you wait until you are in college for the next time you celebrate a birthday by covering yourself in poop and throw up. Zachary turned 7 months old on Saturday and was perfectly happy until mid-afternoon when his stomach went kablooey. He threw up 4 times and took a poop so massive that our only recourse was to immediately bath him. It was definitely a scary day as it would have been nice if he could have just told us, “hey, I threw up but feeling okay. No need to freak out as I was just reacting to the thought of that Kardashian show Mommy watches” We introduced him to pedialyte which was about the only thing he could keep down. It was a crazy day but by Sunday morning he was back to his old happy self. Zachary, please don’t scare us like that anymore.

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  1. February 1, 2012 10:53 am

    Poor Zachary 😦 I hate when babies get sick. They can’t tell you what’s wrong, and they look so sad, and you can’t do an awful lot for them!

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