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Wifey does not feel Baby Zachary’s favorite book is realistic

February 3, 2012

WIFEY: Hey Hubby, are you going to write a post about how the events in “Good Night New York City” do not make sense?

Baby Zachary’s favorite book as of late is the above pictured, “Good Night New York City”. The book goes through all the fun things you can do in New York City in one very long day. What Wifey finds “troubling” is the book shows families at the beach and then later families ice skating at Rockefeller Center. She finds the transition from the summer at the beginning of the day to the winter at the end of the day to be unrealistic.

I know Wifey studied  “Good Night New York City” very closely and I want to save her some time by pointing out the “unrealistic” aspects of Baby Zachary’s other books:

  • “The Three Little Pigs” doesn’t make sense because how can a pig build a house of bricks. I understand how a pig would learn how to build a house of straw or sticks, but come on, how could a pig learn masonry. 
  • “Mr. Brown can moo” doesn’t make sense because while I completely understand that Boom Boom Boom, Mr. Brown is a wonder,  Boom Boom Boom, Mr. Brown makes thunder, but he cannot make lightning, Splat Splat Splat, that is unrealistic and that is that.
  • “Good Night Moon” doesn’t make sense because rabbits don’t sleep in beds.
  • “Are you my mother?” doesn’t make sense because a baby bird would never mistake a cow for his mother.
  • “Old Hat, New Hat” doesn’t make sense because it does not explain the main character’s motivation for going to buy a new hat when  (SPOILER ALERT) the old hat is the one he truly loves and he will end up with the old hat at the end of the story.
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