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My Baby’s First Super Bowl

February 7, 2012

I tend to think of the Super Bowl as the male Valentine’s Day. No man (or at least very few) really care about the actual Valentine’s Day on February 14th as it is really a day that caters to women and flower shop owners. That is why men deserve their own day, Man Day and that day is the Super Bowl.

I was extremely excited this year to expose my son to his first ever, Man Day this past Sunday. It would have been nice if the Jets were in it as they are Baby Zachary’s favorite football team (coincidentally also his father’s favorite team) but we still had a lot of fun rooting for the Giants. (I did not have the heart to break it to Zachary that the Jets will never be in the big game in his lifetime). While Zachary only stayed awake for the first quarter it was a really awesome experience watching with him. Wifey and I sat on the couch with Zachary in between us and he was a great mood. He went back and forth between Wifey and I being all playful and happy trying to grab my face and Wifey’s hair. He did not pay too much attention to the television but I am fairly certain even at seven months he knew the importance of getting to watch the Super Bowl.

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