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It is so great that you want to practice crawling but HOW ABOUT YOU GO TO FREAKIN’ SLEEP INSTEAD!!!

February 13, 2012

Dear Baby Zachary,

I totally get the importance of practice. It is hard to be good at anything in life unless you practice that skill. I also understand you are just learning an important and exciting new skill. I watch you as you rock back and forth in the crawling position and I know you are just days away from taking a step forward and learning to crawl. Once you learn to crawl the world will be your oyster,…if not the world, at least our apartment. You will not need to rely on Mommy and Daddy to get around and that is super exciting. It would just be better if you could practice say during daylight hours. Every time we try to get you to practice though you seem upset with us. It is fine if you do not want to practice crawling as we do not want to push you but you are way too into practicing at times when you are supposed to be sleeping. It seems like every time we put you down to sleep lately we will walk back into your room a few minutes later to find you rocking back and forth in the crawling position with a gigantic grin on your face. All we are saying is that for the LOVE OF GOD, could you go to sleep and practice crawling at a more reasonable time as you are killing Mommy and Daddy slowly.


The weird old people who feed you every day.

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