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When will my baby sleep through the night every night?

February 15, 2012

ME: What’ya looking up online?

WIFEY: I want to know when Zachary will finally sleep through the night.

ME: But he does sleep through the night.

WIFEY: Yeah but that seems like a rare occasion lately. Most of the time we have to go in there a couple of times a night and put the pacifier back in his mouth because he starts crying.

ME: It’s not so bad. He goes right back to sleep when we put the pacifier back in. It is so much better than it used to be.

WIFEY: Yeah, but I want to see when that will end and when he will just sleep through the night every night.

ME: You don’t need to look online, I know the answer.

WIFEY: Well, what is the answer?

ME: He will start sleeping through the night just in time for the birth of our second child.

WIFEY: You know, you are really not that helpful.

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