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An open letter to my baby’s son’s future teeth

February 17, 2012

Dear Baby Zachary’s Future Teeth,

What the heck? What is taking you so long to appear? I know you are hiding under Zachary’s gums (that is not a clever hiding spot) . You are driving Zachary crazy. He has been teething now since the beginning of time…okay maybe it has only been three months or so. At first, we thought you were going to show up early but now it is clear that you are taking your sweet time. Zachary can only spend so much time with his hands in his mouth dealing with the teething pain. He has bigger things to concentrate on like learning to crawl and walk. Just break through Zachary’s gums already and put us all out of our misery. Besides, there are so many cool things you will get to chew on when you get here (I promise to limit the green vegetables if you get here by next week). Zachary is excited for finger foods and just needs your help in chewing them. Please make an appearance already or I am sending in the tooth fairy to come get you.


Zachary’s impatient parents

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