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I know you are not supposed to shake your baby BUT WHAT IF YOUR BABY LIKES TO BE SHAKEN???

February 27, 2012

Can I shake my baby if he wants me to shake him? If I had asked that question at the hospital when Baby Zachary was born the hospital probably would not have let us take him home. When Zachary was born we had to watch a video about not shaking our baby which I thought was pretty unnecessary as everyone should know not to shake their baby. The thing is, Zachary loves to be shaken. He loves to jump up and down in his jumper and he loves when I throw him up in the air. The new game that he now loves is “horsey” in which he sits on my knee while holding onto my hands (as pictured above) and I start bouncing him. He gets such a kick out of it (video proof below). I guess my boy just likes to bounce.

Side Note: I cannot believe how pail we look in the above picture and above video…sorry Zachary, Mommy and Daddy did not have a lot of pigment to pass down to you.

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