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I am 8 months old today and I came to battle (hip-hop style)

February 28, 2012

FREESTYLE brought to you by Grand Master Baby Zachary (sung to the tune of whatever hip hop song you can thing of)

I came to battle                                                                                                                                                                   So throw up your hands and drop your rattle

I am going to be dropping a beat                                                                                                                                 So I hope like me your able to sit up on your own and grab yourself a seat

Other babies be steppin but their rhymes couldn’t be feebler                                                                       And trust me, I will bust you up even though I am about as tall as an elf by Keebler

I am eight months old today                                                                                                                                       And, when I cry, ask Mommy and Daddy, I get my way

These days, I got mad new skillz                                                                                                                                     If you mess with me, I get up in your grillz

I rise to the top while you be fallin’                                                                                                                         And, you better watch out because all over you I be crawling

When I am not crawling I be reachin for a hand                                                                                         Because my natural position is to stand

Speaking of standing, be in awe as I can now pull myself up on my own                                                         Oh you can do that too, congrats, what do you want an ice cream cone

With Daddy’s help all over the apartment I do my favorite thing and be walkin                                         Though it is still over a year until I regularly be talkin

To get attention, raspberries I be blowin all day                                                                                                   Until “Mamma and Dadda” I learn to say

A plastic water bottle, Grandpa’s glasses, Mamma’s watch are a few of my favorite things                  I bet your satisfied playing with some silly colorful toy rings

My Daddy’s shoulders is my new happy place                                                                                                       So you know where to put me if you see a frown on my face

I am bettin that you be wasting your day watching basic cable                                                              While I am getting my learn on standing at my activity table

You’ll also notice that when I get excited my arms they be flappin’                                                       And, Mommy and Daddy seem way too excited to make sure each and every day I be crappin’

Speakin of crappin, my Daddy tells me that the Mets, Jets and Knicks are the teams I want to win   They are all not so good but at least the Knicks have my boy, Jeremy Lin

One more thing, my new favorite game is peek-a-boo                                                                                           And, Mommy tells me that one day I will be bar-mitvahed because I am Jew

Now I gotta go because Mommy and Daddy are going to try and get me to nap                                       Which is about as realistic as Daddy getting a hit single from this rap

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