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Hey Daddy, I learned a new trick, it is called “refusing to fall asleep”

March 2, 2012

Zachary, please just go to sleep already!!! Baby Zachary’s new trick is that when we place him down to sleep he immediately sits right up or, even better, stands up as pictured above. This is new as of the last two nights and it has resulted in us being extremely tired. Zachary woke up last night and did this for basically two hours straight (switching between sitting up, standing and there may have been some poop involved). The best part was when I would walk out of the room thinking I had him asleep, hear silence for 5+ minutes and go to check on him to find him standing with his eyes wide-open waiting for me. From what I have read online, when babies learn a new trick they can have trouble sleeping and there are tons of parents who post messages about entering crisis mode when their babies learn how to stand in the crib. I guess we are at that stage. The best part about the standing in the crib is babies will start crying partly because they learn how to stand up before they learn how to get down. So, basically Zachary is stuck in the standing position until we help him down or he topples over (not the preferred solution). We have to teach him how to get down from standing which, from what I understand, can take a while. This is not going to be a fun new skill for us Zachary.

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