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Daylight Savings 2012: Why do we have to mess with my baby’s sleep???

March 10, 2012

Daylight savings starts tonight which means Baby Zachary will have to adjust to an hour change. This is great because our baby sleeps so well as it is that nothing should be more fun than changing the clocks on him. Getting our baby to sleep properly is like learning to master juggling a set of steak knives and daylight savings is the equivalent of someone going, “hmmm, you are doing a pretty good job with those knives, is it cool if I light some of them on fire.” Wifey claims it should be good since we are springing forward which means he should wake up an hour later…as if it is that simple. I am guessing we will be screwed for a week at Baby Zachary learns to adjust. Prove me wrong Baby Zachary.

UPDATE: How did Daylight Savings result in Zachary waking up earlier this morning?

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