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Baby Stand-Up

March 14, 2012

Do you see the toy that Zachary is playing with in the above picture. We were at a baby play date and one of the parents started dragging that toy across the floor which resulted in two of the babies cracking up. It is amazing how the most random things can make a baby laugh. It is also so awesome when a baby laughs but it is kind of hard to figure out what will actually make a baby laugh. This got me thinking what it would be like to be a comedian for babies. You can’t just go up to the stage and tell jokes to a room full of babies as they can’t even speak yet.

Comedian #1:  Yo man, I killed tonight, I just blew raspberries for half an hour. Those babies were were blowing up with laughter.

Comedian #2: I don’t know what happened tonight. Yesterday’s show was awesome but today I barely got a response today. I tried playing peak-a-boo with the audience but all that happened was two babies cried.

Comedian #1: Yeah well you know what to do when bombing, just pull a crazy toy across the stage, that will get them going.

Comedian #2: Well my set actually ended well. I kept just asking “who’s a good baby…who’s a good baby?” That always gets  a giggle and then I got real excited which got them real excited. Then my big finish, I read the same four page baby book over and over again for five minutes straight. The babies where cracking up by the end.

Comedian #1: So, sounds  like your show actually went well. I actually made the mistake the other night of trying to tell a clever joke. Man that fell flat. I then tried a routine involving audience participation and three babies spit up on me.

Comedian#2: By the way, I think we need to rethink doing our shows at night as they are babies and all.

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