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Interacting with other babies

March 20, 2012

Kids do not actually start playing with one another until they are over 2 years old. Babies ignore one another and younger toddlers might do what is called parallel play in which they play side by side but do not interact. What does Baby Zachary do? Baby Zachary just likes to grab faces and hair of other babies. He will reach over to any baby next to him/within reach and treat that baby like a toy doll. We are usually good about stopping him before any real damage/crying happens. We always apologize profusely to the other parent (parents are almost always understanding). We were at a play date a week or so ago in which Zachary kept trying to grab the hair of the baby who was his size but then the bigger kid at the play date grabbed Zachary’s face which resulted in Zachary crying. We felt bad for him but tried to explain to him what goes around comes around (he did not get it).

On a different note, Zachary had an incident at the diner over the weekend that I wish I had a picture or video of because it was awesome. He was sitting in a high chair and a four year old girl walked by our table. Zachary and the girl locked eyes and stared at one another for maybe fifteen seconds. I swear Zachary whispered, “”hey baby, want to take a ride in my stroller?” Zachary loves the older ladies (I think).

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