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Comparing Babies

March 22, 2012

ME: I can’t believe our babies are almost the same age.

JANE “Mother” DOE: Yeah they look so cute together. Hopefully, Zachary will catch up to Baby Doe soon.

ME: Catch up?

JANE “Mother” DOE: Well, Baby Doe has all of her teeth.

ME: True, Zachary does not have any yet and he is almost 9 months old.

JANE “Mother” DOE: Baby Doe also babbles and says “MaMa”

ME: Zachary is not really too close on that one as the best he can do is screech and blow raspberries. He is advanced physically. He pulls himself up to stand on just about anything in our apartment.

JANE “Mother” DOE: Baby Doe can already stand without needing to pull herself up on anything.

ME: Zachary now crawls throughout our apartment.

JANE “Mother” DOE: Baby Doe rides her bicycle.

ME: Zachary can sleep through the night…not that he does that all that often.

JANE “Mother” DOE: If Baby Doe wakes in the middle of the night she makes a snack for herself and goes back to bed.

ME: Zachary’s motor skills seem advanced. You should see him play with toys.

JANE “Mother” DOE: Baby Doe actually has a line of toys coming out that she designed.

ME: Well, Zachary can grab your babies hair really hard.

JANE “Mother” DOE: It’s okay, Baby Doe knows karate.

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  1. March 23, 2012 9:05 pm

    People like that annoy me. All babies (all people, really!) have their skills, and some things they need to work on. Nobody’s perfect!

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